Seminar Design and Implementation of Pharmaceutical Quality Systems

9 december 2013


On 9 December svpGMP, a cooperation between Swuste Farma Consult, Van Loosbroek Farma Consult and Pavičić Pharmaceutical Microbiology, organized an invitational seminar about the ‘Design and Implementation of Pharmaceutical Quality Systems’.


The occasion for this event was the revised EU GMP, chapter 1 on Pharmaceutical Quality Systems which became effective on 31 January 2013. The  18 participants, representing about 12 different pharmaceutical companies in the Netherlands and Belgium, discussed the entire day about the impact and consequences of the new guidance document, specifically aspects as management responsibilities, risk management , continuous improvement and quality manual.


Presentations  were given by Hans Staal (Opti-Q) and Annie Rietveld (IGZ). According to the feed-back we received from the participants, the event was again a great success; especially the open discussions with colleagues in the industry are appreciated!